Art 2012 present Beyond Quoi? Connecting Parallel Universes

 Thursday, July 5th, 2007, 7 pm

Instigated by Japanese curator Mizuki Endo and his interest in discussing ways that alternative projects and spaces in LA can connect with similar ventures in Asia, the event is intended to initiate a discussion of practices in both these contexts. The resulting discussions will contribute to research for a publication by ART2102, Mizuki Endo and other participants on people and organizations wanting to collaborate and expand horizons for contemporary art practices.

Mizuki Endo will present two alternative spaces he established in Fukuoka, Japan and Manila in the Philippines that highlight the different situations of the art system in Asia. He will be joined by Mauricio Marcin, an independent curator based in Mexico City, who will additionally talk about a range of projects that are currently operating in the metropolis. A discussion will follow, coordinated by Danny Orendorff, curator-in-residence at ART2102.

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