Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles and Monte Vista Projects present an evening of film and video works by members of Mother Ditch, a critique group and skills-sharing community for experimental media artists in LA. Mother Ditch formed in summer 2016 to support the artistic process of making experimental/leftside/weirdo/art film in the ultimate industry town.

Join us at 7pm on Sunday, October 29, 2017, in room 604 on the 6th floor of the Bendix Building for a screening of short works by Mother Ditch members:

Trevor Byrne                                                                                           
Yelena Zhelezov
Chris Adler and Ali Adler
D.S. Chun
Sarah Beeby
Susanna Battin
John Emison
J. Makary
Amanda Kramer and Noel Taylor
Sarah Greenleaf
Jenny Herrick
Theresa Sterner and Zach Trow 

There’s beer! But no chairs! (Bring your own chair!)

Direct questions to mama@motherditch.com


Above stills clockwise from left: John Emison's "Untitled," Theresa Sterner and Zach Trow's "Point Break Dance," Chris Adler and Ali Adler's "Seabands and Tummydrops," and J. Makary's "This Is Where Wool Comes From."