FLOATING EDGE by the Bunny Sandwich Collective


Opening reception on Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Exhibition runs until June 14, 2015.

Beginning with the American Nomads Project, the Bunny Sandwich Collective has responded to the likelihood of climate change with a series of proposals which enable a more migratory lifestyle. They craft the tools and narrative imagery to allow us to comfortably imagine life in new circumstances.

In FLOATING EDGE the two deviate from their typically collaborative practice and individually explore the literal and metaphoric meanings of ‘border crossings’ as a route towards change of identity and purpose. Their research reveals a complex relationship towards travel and cultural transmission; the need for shelter housed in worn clothing and for history held not in libraries but instead contained within the body.

Cori’s work for FLOATING EDGE approaches the external necessities for crossing borders. Using a variety of camouflage for different geographic entryways, she creates ensembles that address the importance of rapid movement and basic shelter. Her clothing considers the competing need to be seen as Belonging, or as Other, and offers real questions about history’s mercurial relationship with migration. Sandra’s paintings and wool constructions for FLOATING EDGE take on abstract and symbolic form while they imagine multiple centers populated with geometric shapes – crisp borders merge with atmospheric skies, archetypal characters and radial symmetry to create a fantastical landscape suggestive of imminent change.

Individually, the projects differently point towards forging new lives on the move. Together, the parts align and a larger whole emerges – a whole committed to unencumbered movement within a deeply rooted vision for the future.

Gallery hours are Sat and Sun from 12-5 pm or by appointment.

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