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Field of Vision

October 13th - November 4th
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13th from 7-10 pm

Monte Vista Projects is pleased to announce Field of Vision, a group exhibition organized and curated by Vancouver artist, Andrew James McKay.

Field of Vision will feature the work of the following artists:

Andrew James McKay (Vancouver, BC), Michael Alvarez (Los Angeles, CA), Emily Blythe Jones (Los Angeles, CA), Maureen Gubia (Guayaquil, Ecuador), Tracy Kerdman (New York, NY), Juan Carlos Noria (Benicàssim, Spain), a painter of unknown name working from Dafen Oil Painting Village (Shenzhen, PRC), and the 12th form students of Kitsilano High School (Vancouver, BC).

Field of Vision restructures the historical tradition of the portrait as a presentation of an image taken to be ‘authoritative’, and is a consideration of what it is to work as an artist in a variety of geographical locations and under a variety of economic systems. The exhibition takes as its locus a series of five portrait photographs which act as source material to be interpreted by a number of artists. Some of these are professional artists, some are students, and some find a position in between. Posited through the exhibition is the theory that while each artist has painted an interpretation, all of these works together form a much more comprehensive vision of the subject to the degree that once one has seen the composed whole, returning to look upon a single work in the series it is made apparent that one cannot do the job of many. Each of the five series of works is comprised of a photographic print of the subject; a painting by artist and curator Andrew James Mckay; a painting as done by Mr. Alvarez, Ms. Jones, Ms. Gubia, Ms. Kerdman, and Mr. Noria; a painting produced by a worker in the painting village of Dafen, PRC; and paintings made by the students of Kitsilano High School.

The show additionally functions as a fundraiser for the students of Kitsilano High School. Their contributions are included primarily by way of introducing the dialogue of the project as a whole to their own nascent practices, thus developing the scope of possibilities for these students.

Speaking of the financial aspects however, each of the five sets of four works (a mounted photograph; a painting by either Michael Alvarez, Emily Blythe Jones, Maureen Gubia, Tracy Kerdman, and Juan Carlos Noria; a painting by Andrew James McKay; and a painting by the artist working from Dafen, respectively) are for sale at a sum of $1500 apiece. The proceeds of these sales to be remitted to the arts department of Kitsilano HIgh School to facilitate field trips and to provide additional material support outside state funding streams. For sales inquiries, please ask the staff at Monte Vista Projects should you be reading this at the venue, or contact via if you are reading of this via post or at