This Land
April 22- May 14, 2017
opening: Saturday, April 22, 7-9 PM


This Land explores landscapes through photos of both known and unknown origins. Transcribed through the quilted works of Amber Jean Young and the arrangements of j.frede. 

Amber Jean Young constructs fractured images using photographs of the land and the sky joined together as quilted fiber based art. Matriarchs of rural communities have a long tradition of documenting their family’s history, triumphs and hardships, through quilt making. Using photographs taken on and around the land she grew up on in Northern California, Young continues this tradition, adapting it through abstraction, with finished quilts containing familiar rolling hills, blue skies and quiet clouds that are synonymous with California landscapes but also hold a deeper, personal history for her as she recalls her memories of childhood that played out on that very land and beneath such skies. 

complete CV and additional images can be seen at amberjeanyoung.com

In contrast and harmony the Fiction Landscape work of j.frede combines found photographs together creating imagined landscapes that contain the secret memories of those who originally took the photos but have since lost or discarded them. This series addresses the ephemeral nature of documentation and memory. All of the photographs used are purchased at flea markets and carefully constructed into believable landscapes spanning both geography and time that is evident visually in land and the film stock used at the time the photograph was taken.

complete CV and additional images can be seen at jfrede.com


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